It was in the 1500s when sheet metal rolling by machine was invented by Leonardo da Vinci. Records of lead sheet being produced by rolling, dating as far back as the mid-1600s, are even available in Lead Sheet Association (LSA) archives. It was not however until the early 20th century that rolled lead sheet was more easily available as an alternative to traditional sand cast sheet for roofing and weathering. The process has undoubtedly come a long way since then but it continues to have its beneficial and important uses in roofing construction and maintenance. Nowadays, lead has become more and more recyclable due to property owners unfortunately being provided with poor quality and ill-fitting leadwork. At Northwest Roofing, however, we strive to ensure that our leadwork’s durability and reliability is of the highest standards for our customers.

Our Leadwork

When fitted correctly and of good quality, leadwork is an extremely reliable product and of particular use in the often adverse weather conditions of this country.  Available in a number of different codes ranging from Code 3 up to Code 8, Northwest Roofing will work to ensure that we provide the correct thickness and durability of leadwork most suited to your property’s needs. The current method of lead rolling technology involves a lead slab of two tonnes or more being cast in a mould. After solidification, the slab is passed through the rolling mill where, after successive ‘passes’, the lead is reduced to the required finished thickness. It is then slit or cut to width and length before it is packaged ready for distribution. This is the high quality metal manufacturing process Northwest Roofing believes in that produces leadwork of the highest standard for our customers. All of our metal sheet workers are highly trained in lead bossing, dressing and welding as well as committed and reliable when it comes to providing the best possible solution for you and your property.

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