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Northwest Roofing are specialists in repairing and maintaining your roofs. Sometimes, however, you don’t simply want to be standard and efficient. Sometimes you want to stand out. That is where our roof slating services come in handy. Slating is a perfect way to bring extra design and style to your property whether it is pattern, texture or colour. We carry out all aspects of roof slating including:

  • Traditional Scotch
  • Spanish (Samaca & Cupa Natural Type 3 Slate)
  • Welsh
  • Norwegian
  • Burlington

Our highly-qualified team of roofers can take a look at your roof and advise on the appropriate type of slate to bring out your property’s style and natural aesthetic. It provides a spectacular finish to your roof, giving your property the wow factor as well as adding value to it. All of our slates bring a degree of elegance to your roof, topping of your property with a fantastic new look. Our roofers are experienced in using all of the above slates particularly the Scotch slate which is one of the most robust slates you can find to install on your roof. Interestingly, most of these slates are over 100 years old and second hand. This is no reason to worry, however, as the Scotch slate itself lasts forever with the existence of current slates still going strong a testament to their ongoing endurance and reliability

For more information on our roof slating please visit our gallery or call us on 0141 944 2970.

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