Roughcasting is another one of the building services we at Northwest Roofing offer to our customers. Like our roof tiling services, roughcasting is another way to bring out the style and improve the aesthetic of your property. Traditionally popularised in the 1920s, roughcast consists of lime mixed with sand, small gravel and most often pebbles or shells. Still a very popular choice for properties in Scotland, it adds an extra dimension and style to your home to help it stand out. To provide a great service to you, we use a variety of suppliers tailored to suit each individual project. Roughcasting will also lend an extra layer of protection to your property especially during adverse weather conditions. As a complex process, our highly-skilled tradesmen will work to ensure that the roughcasting you choose is the best fit for your property to bring out its new style and appearance.


We also offer wetcasting services which, although similar to roughcasting, differs in its final appearance. By mixing traditional roughcasting materials into a silicone base through coloured cement slurry, the final outcome to your property is a ‘wet’ look. Wetcasting is particularly useful in adverse weather conditions as it is a very tough, weather resistant finish.


Drycasting, on the other hand, provides a surface almost indistinguishable from natural-cut stone and is primarily used for architectural features. Going with this method will add even greater style as well as a natural looking aesthetic to your property.

Smooth Render

Our tradesmen will use smooth render on any property works you choose to undertake to add greater durability and protection to your property’s interior or exterior wall surfaces.

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