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Tiled Roofing Glasgow

Tiled Roofing dates as far back as 3rd millennium BC Greece. That we are still using tiles extensively in the modern day demonstrates the importance they have for us in ensuring our home is habitable and protected against the elements. At Northwest Roofing our tradesmen are fully qualified with over 50 years’ combined experience in the roofing industry.

The main purpose of roof tiles is to keep out the rain and this is just what we intend to do while also giving your property a smart and well-ordered exterior. Hung from the framework of the roof by fixing them with nails, the tiles are normally hung in parallel rows with the rows overlapping to keep out rainwater. At Northwest Roofing we specialise in all types of Tiled Roofing, working with a number of reliable and expert manufacturers to offer you a range of tile options to choose from that are right for you. We understand roofing can be a complicated business when choosing the right product for your business or family home. That is why our expert, knowledgeable and friendly roofers are on hand to help find the right product for you. With years of experience in the roofing industry, our roofers can take a lot at your property, assess its needs and requirements before proposing the best option to take. The end result will be roofing which not only keeps your property protected from inclement weather but one which adds to a stylish and smart appearance.

For more information on our roof tiling please visit our gallery or call us on 0141 944 2970.

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